Course Creation Clarity

Turn Your Brilliance Into An Evergreen Coaching Program or Online Course so that you can help a lot more people and make a LOT more money.

Win-win, right?!

You're in charge of how big you want to grow, and this coaching program will help you get there.

Maximize sharing your knowledge and wisdom in the most efficient way possible, while helping as many people as you desire!

Elysia Skye is an award-winning video producer, as well as a course creator for online service providers, brands, and over a dozen of the most well-known universities around the world.

Creating an online course or online coaching program is actually really easy.

When you are in your zone of genius,

creating from that "mad scientist mode"

that you know better than anyone else,

everything falls into place.

You get to make your course as simple or detailed as you want. And the great news is that you can always expand it!

Through Course Creation Clarity

you'll receive the ideation process

that works for ANY genre of online

service provider, niche and sub-niche

for any type of coach.

You'll receive all of the pre-production, production and post-production course

creation steps I used in my signature program, The Brilliance Method

(that got me to six figures in under a year),

as well as the dozens of other courses.

Use Your Creativity and Brilliance

To Help Others and Build

Your Own Consistent Wealth

Commitment, Action & Ease

How To Design and Price Your Program

Choosing The BEST Idea for

You and Your Client's Success

Niching Down and Speaking To Your

Ideal Clients So That They Buy From YOU!

Choosing a Course Format That

Supports Your Teaching Style

and Program Results

Simple Strategies to Connect with Your Audience and Market Your Course

Adding to the Layers of Your Zone of Genius

So That You Feel Proud to Share From

Your Own Authentic Perspective

On Your Course Topics

Ongoing Support From Our Tech, Strategy, and Mindset Team So That You STAY ON TRACK and SUCCEED!

Filming, Editing & Tech

Be Seen, Heard, Trusted and Respected As a Leader in Your Industry

How to Deliver Authentically

Gain Clarity on What and How

To Do Everything You Need To Do

In Order To Create a Profitable Course

Filming and Course Portal Options for Every Budget

Organized and Very Simple Production

Procedures and Schedules

Editing, Even if it's Not Your Favorite Thing!

WHERE and HOW to Host your Course

Content Options to Keep Your Clients Engaged, Energized and in Momentum so that they get great results.

Content Options to Keep Your Clients Engaged, Energized and in Momentum so That They Get Great Results

Course Creation Clarity

90 Day Program

with 6 Months of Access and Support


Two Live QnAs Every Month

To Give You Additional Support In Real-Time.

Hop on when it's convenient for or post a question during the replay.

These sessions will rotate between strategy and mindset and are taught by Elysia and her team of course creation masters (we've all put in our 10k hours and are making over 100k in the industry).

It's important that you learn from people who have the results you desire!

Get Shit Done (GSD)

Accountability Sessions

Get Shit Dones are structured, focused, dedicated work time to get done what's on your TA-DA list once and for all.

These are powerful sessions where you will focus on your W.I.N. (What's Important Now) in order to move forward because accountability increases momentum!

Private Facebook Group

Learn From and Connect with Your

Community of Other Course Creators!

Ask Questions in the Group and

Receive Unconditional Support.


Breakthrough One-on-One Session

To Use When You're Ready During Your Time In The Program.

Jump on Zoom ONE on ONE with a Member of Our Team!

This is a limited-time offer, as our calendars are very busy and we do not always provide 1:1 support in this program. Take action now! Next time you come back to this page this section might not be here.

$500 Value



$ 2,999

You Are Worth It and You Deserve It

Includes welcome gift + pay in full bonus



$ 299

Claim Your Abundance and

Expand With Ease

12 monthly payments


💎​Q: Will I be selling my course in 90 days or less?

​✔️I will be coaching you on everything you require to sell your course as soon as you're ready. If you do the work you will sell it before you're even ready! It's up to you. You have access and support for 6 months.

​​💎Q: Can I use this program to create multiple courses?

✔️​Yes! You will be using this process for as long as you decide to be a course creator!

💎Q: How long will I have access to this course?

​✔️One year! Even though you'll have everything you need in 90 days or less, you're in charge of your own pace. I attract busy people who may decide to take their time.

💎Q: Will you tell me all the options for all the tech in regards to hosting my course and editing?

​​✔️Tech is always changing but I will be posting updates as they occur and making recommendations for the programs I suggest work best for a variety of budgets.

💎Q: Do you offer refunds if I decide I don't want to create a course after I get started?

​✔️I do not offer refunds as this is intellectual property but if you decide you prefer to gift or transfer it to someone else within the 30 days I will honor that.

💎Q: Do I need to be part of the Brilliance Method for this to be successful?

​✔️No, this is a stand-alone course but you will have even more amazing results and grow your entire business faster and with more confidence when you pair this with the weekly live coaching support of the Sapphire Collective of The Brilliance Method. This is where the sales strategies will help you even more.

💎Q: How do I register for The Brilliance Method?

​✔️Register here or book a consult if you have questions that are not answered in the FAQs

What if I already have an online course?

​✔️Even if you already have an online course, this program will enhance your course and make it even better so that your clients get the results you promise! You can always learn something new and improve your systems, right?!

💎Q: Will you be filming me, directing me or editing my videos?

​✔️No, this is a very elevated DIY program that you can do all on your own, but I do offer done-with-you and done-for-you services for an additional cost. Connect with me to inquire.

You are not doing this alone.

I feel so much gratitude for the work we will do together and our team is here to support you with each step along the way!

Thank you for being a heart-centered business owner who is here to create impact-driven success!

With Gratitude,